Invasive Species

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Cooperative Weed Management Area

The Fairbanks SWCD is a founding member of the Fairbanks CWMA - which is a volunteer organization dedicated to preventing the introduction and spread of invasive plants in Interior Alaska. Invasive non-native plants can have devastating impacts on native plant communities, fish and wildlife habitat, agricultural yields, recreational and subsistence opportunities, and ultimately, local economies. This group is a partnership between various non-profit groups, businesses, private citizens, and governmental agencies.

Weed Free Products

Fairbanks SWCD supports the use of products that can be certified 'Weed Free' to standards set forth by the North American Weed Management Association. These products, such as weed free forage and weed free gravel, can be used to reduce the risk of spreading noxious and invasive plants.


       -DNR website

Weed Cost Share

The Weed Cost Share is a program to help landowners manage their invasive plant or agricultural weed problems through technical assistance and a cost share for incurred expenses. Funds are awarded based on need, which is determined by the type of invasive species and whether or not you are an agricultural producer. Follow these simple steps to apply for the Weed Cost Share program:

1. Become a FSWCD cooperator, or confirm your status as a cooperator by contacting our office.

2. Complete the application and return to FSWCD. A pest scout will complete a site visit, and the information gathered will determine if you are eligible for the cost share, as well as technical assistance.

3. Follow the control recommendations provided by the pest scout - save your receipts!

4. At the end of the season send in your receipts, with a copy of this application and your control recommendation, and you may be reimbursed at a rate of 50%, up to $250, for the recommended methods of control.

*Equipment purchases will NOT be reimbursed through this cost share!



Sprayer Lending

Fairbanks SWCD has several sprayers available for use by cooperators.


Resources for using sprayers:

Sprayer Calibration

Helpful Links

Weeds Gone Wild: Alien Plant Invaders 


Identifying Harmful Weeds in Your Garden 

Invasive Species Programs

  • Cooperative Weed Management Area
  • Weed Free Products
  • Weed Cost Share
  • Sprayer Lending

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