Agriculture Literacy Curriculum Resources

Alaska AITC is part of the National Agriculture in the Classroom organization. Over the years many lessons have been developed during our workshop. Many of the lessons here are inspired by the NAITC lessons, as well as developed by Alaska teachers for Alaska specific topics. 

NAITC has a wonderful curriculum matrix where you can search for topics and age appropriate lessons. Click HERE to access the matrix. 


PreK/Early Childhood Lessons:

Our newest set of lessons for children ages 3-7 was made possible with a generous grant from the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and through the professional creative talents of graphic artist Diane Hunt.

Includes activities such as Alaska based agriculture stories and age appropriate children’s books, topic exploration, movement, music, nutrition, and crafts. Lessons are constructed using early childhood learning guidelines from the state of Alaska.

Gardening Specific Lessons:

K-3rd Animal

K-3rd Other

K-3rd Plant

4th-6th Animal

4th-6th Other

4th-6th Plant

7th-12th Animal

7th-12th Other

7th-12th Plant

Multi Grade Level