After School Programs

Fairbanks Soil and Water offers After School Programs at various schools in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. All our ASP programs are designed for 45 minute sessions, two days a week. Our lessons build on each other, so once students are placed in our program we request that they not be taken out for other activities. We also require a room that has access to water and preferably no carpeting.  

1st quarterConstructing an Insect at Denali ASP

Lesson plans are available if you want to offer the program yourself or would like to use the lesson plans for your classes. Just contact us at 479-1213 x105 for more information.


First Quarter Offering

Forestry Exploration 

Description: Students will participate in hands-on exploration activities including insect collecting, tree identification, habitat exploration, owl pellets, and paper making. Some activities will take place outdoors.



2nd quarter Denali ASP Program Owl Pellets 2011Second Quarter Offering

Soil and Water 

Description: Students will participate in hands-on exploratory science activities including soil structure and development, composting worms, owl pellets, water structure and properties, watersheds, H2O olympics, homemade lava lamps and marbleized paper.



3rd quarter ASP sheep sculptureThird Quarter Offering

Agriculture in the Classroom 

Description: Students will participate in hands-on agriculture education activities including butter making, local food taste testing, AK Grown agriculture products, food and culture traditions, understanding different Alaska farm animals, and an intro to beekeeping.



4th quarter Anne Wien ASP Gardening program.Fourth Quarter Offering


Description: Students will participate in hands-on gardening activities including seedling planting, plant biology, plant identification, soil development, and mini greenhouse construction. Students will get to take home their plants. For the gardening program, we will need a place that either has windows or plant lights and space must be available for plants to remain at the school.