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Melissa Sikes teaching about honey bees ast the Cloverbud 4H camp July 2011

Whether you are a formal, non-formal, home-school educator, or you work with boy or girl scouts, 4-H, or any other youth groups: Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District can assist you with teaching about natural resources (forestry, water, soil, ecology, etc.). Our commitment to quality hands-on education can be seen in our educational materials, resources, workshops, and outreach programs. We are dedicated to meeting the natural resource education needs of our community.


Why Conservation Education

Conservation Education helps people of all ages understand and appreciate our natural resources and learn how to use those natural resources wisely, while sustaining those resources for future generations. Through structured educational experiences and activities targeted to varying age groups and populations, people can develop the critical thinking skills they need to understand the complexities of ecological issues facing Alaska today. Conservation education also encourages people to act on their own to conserve natural resources and use them in a responsible manner by making informed resource decisions.    

                                                        What We Offer

 Water Sampling at North Pole Middle School

Please contact us at 479-1213 x 5 to see how we can assist you in your natural resource education needs.

2011 Speech and Poster Layla Heineken