Farm Energy Audits
The Natural Resources Conservation Service offers on-farm energy audits through their Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Following are the general steps you would go through to participate in the program:

  1. Sign up for EQIP with NRCS- several pages of paperwork are required (Call 479-3159 or visit 590 University Avenue Suite B in Fairbanks)
  2. If your application is approved and funded by NRCS (they pay for most if not all of the energy audit), then you can choose a Technical Service Provider (TSP) from a list maintained by NRCS.
  3. The TSP will interview you and ask you questions about your energy usage for farm buildings, equipment, lighting, and other farm-related energy use (NOT your house)
  4. A Certified “Energy Management Plan Data Collector” working for the TSP may visit your property to take pictures of the equipment, motors, lights etc. and verify that all the information is correct.
  5. An Energy Management Plan will be prepared by the TSP and you will get an analysis of your energy usage plus recommendations for ways to save energy!
  6. Once you have a completed Energy Management Plan in hand, you can meet up with NRCS again and discuss potential cost-share opportunities to implement some of the recommendations made by the TSP.

Below is a link to the NRCS program page:

FSWCD staff member Jessica Guritz is a certified “Energy Management Plan Data Collector” for the TSP company Ensave. In our experiences so far, we have found this company very friendly and easy to work with.
FSWCD greatly encourages farmers with substantial energy usage to consider this program! It could save you a lot of money!


Chena Hot Springs Renewable Energy Fair
FSWCD participates in this energy fair every August and provides hands-on activities for children, as well as useful conservation and energy related information for adults.

Promotion of Affordable Energy
The FSWCD board drafted a letter that was sent to the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, the Alaska legislation, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and other key individuals promoting the expansion of the gas line to agricultural areas in interior Alaska (when the gas line comes to Fairbanks). To view the draft letter, click here.