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What is Green Infrastructure?

Green Infrastructure is a way of building or landscaping that provides the "ingredients" for solving challenges of dealing with stormwater pollution and management.  "Green Infrastructure" applications can be used to manage wet weather through infiltration, evapo-transpiration, capture, and reuse of water from rain and melting snow that is cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.  On a residential scale, examples of green infrastructure include rain barrels, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavers, and an array of rainwater harvesting systems for non-potable uses such as gardening, lawn irrigation, and even toilet flushing.  

Green Infrastructure Projects recommended for Fairbanks:

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FSWCD and other agencies have created a Green Infrastructure Project Guide Manual for Fairbanks, AK. Click here for the guide.

FSWCD can provide you with assistance with evaluating your property for the best Green Infrastructure project to help manage your rainwater and runoff issues and water needs. 

For more information about current projects or questions contact Melissa Sikes at 907-479-1213 extension 5

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