Soil Nutrient Testing Program

Our soil testing program analyzes the nutrients of your soil; we then use that information to create customized fertilizer recommendations to maximize soil fertility and plant health! Soil tests will analyze pH, macro and micro nutrients, organic matter content and other properties of your soil. Fairbanks SWCD services are presently free, but there is a $40 charge for each soil sample to cover the laboratory fee and shipping.

Steps to receive soil analysis and fertilizer recommendations:

  1. Sign-up as a FSWCD Cooperator (if you haven't already).  

  2. Collect soil samples.  If you have not collected a soil sample before or you’re not sure how, click here for information or call Fairbanks SWCD for instructions.

  3. Fill out a soil sample information sheet with all of the relevant information.

  4. Drop them off at Fairbanks SWCD office and pay the $40 charge.

  5. Samples will be prepared (dried and seived) and sent to a soil analytical laboratory for analysis and a few days later we'll get the results.

  6. Fairbanks SWCD's technical staff will interpret the soil analysis and prepare fertilizer recommendations that will be mailed or emailed to you.

  7. You apply fertilizer/amendments at recommended levels.

If you have any questions about the Soil Testing Program, please contact Aleya at 479-1213 Ext. 108 or via email at 

Soils of the Fairbanks Area 

Hardcopies are availible at the FSWCD Office by request.  To download the large format .pdf just click on the picture above.

Soils of Local Importance

The FSWCD includes portions of the Greater Fairbanks, Tochaket, North Star, Fort Wainwright, and Greater Nenana Soil Survey Areas.  Soils of Local Importance consist of those soil units that have the best propertiesfor farmland within the Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District boundary. It does not represent all farmland soils, only the best. Urban or built-up areas of the soil units listed are not considered important farmland.


Soil Quality Test Kit

(Available Summer 2022)

The Fairbanks SWCD provides the free service of testing soil quality.  Soil quality or soil health is “the capacity of a specific kind of soil to function” (i.e. sustainable productivity, storing & cycling nutrients, buffering or filtering pollutants, etc…) The Soil Quality Test Kit helps to evaluate physical, chemical, and biological properties.

Physical Properties



Bulk Density


Soil Respiration

Water Content

Infiltration Rate

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Aggregate Stability

Earthworms (generally not found in Interior Alaska)


Soil Nitrate Levels

Morphological Estimations


These soil properties will give you a general trend or direction of soil quality, which can be used:


To make an appointment to use the Soil Quality Test Kit or if you have any questions email Aleya at

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