Supporting Conservation by Providing Resources and Knowledge

Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District promotes sustainable land development and works with private landowners to address their natural resource concerns.  By partnering with local, state and federal organizations, the FSWCD provides education and technical assistance to private landowners with issues related to soil, agriculture, water, invasive species, forestry, land development, and other related natural resource issues.  Please contact your local legislators to encourage them to support soil & water districts statewide!


It's TREE SALE time! 

Come out to the Fairgrounds to get your trees and shrubs to beautify your property or project. We're selling berries, shrubs, and trees.

Saturday, May 20th, 11-4 pm
Kiwanis Ag Hall
Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds

Varieties include: Latham Raspberries, Manchurian Crabapple, Saskatoon Serviceberry, Blizzard Mockorange, Iris, Red Osier Dogwood, Rose Tree of China, Silverberry, Tundra Rose, Amur Maple, Birch, Late Lilac, Siberian Larch, and White Spruce.

Other vendors will be present selling: Peony Bulbs, Tomatoes, Honeyberries, Toklat Strawberries, Rhubarb, European Mountain Ash, and pine.

Click here to view the 2017 Tree Sale Brochure

This year we have a couple of new varieties including the beautiful Blizzard Mockorange, and the Latham Raspberry!

A more detailed tree sale information document with descriptions of each variety is available here.


Soil Class for Realtors

The CE Shop is now hosting an online Continuing Education course called Alaskan Soils and Environmental Concerns for Realty. This course was created by staff at FSWCD with the goal of providing Alaskan real estate agents with the tools and knowledge to deal with permafrost and other issues presented by our unique climate. The course is informative for any landowner or prospective land buyer/house builder in Alaska. The following discount code will get you 25% off the cost of the course (full price is $35): ALASKA25.


Free Gardening Classes!

Grow your own food from start to finish!  These FREE classes are designed for the beginner vegetable gardener, but seasoned gardeners will learn something too.  Families are welcome and activities for kids will be offered during Gardening Classes.  Check out class descriptions and schedule here!


Alaska Ag in the Classroom Workshop Scheduled

We have scheduled an Ag in the Classroom Educator's Workshop in Fairbanks from June 6th-9th, 2017. Local teacher Sharon Lockwood and Mel Sikes will be the instructors. The course will start at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and will include visits to local agriculture businesses and Agriculture education resource professionals. The course will cost $216 and can be taken for either 1 or 2 credits (same cost). Register online with UAF at or call UAF Summer Sessions at 907-474-7021 for assistance. Click HERE for a poster with more details.


Fairbanks Youth for Habitat

Fairbanks Youth for Habitat is a program that engages Fairbanks youth in environmental work, scientific research, and community conservation projects that aim to preserve, protect and improve local habitat for wildlife and to provide inviting outdoor space for the enhancement of the community. This popular program is hoping to expand to include more students in the future. 

Donations are greatly appreciated to support Fairbanks Youth for Habitat!

Please donate by calling 479-1213 x108 with a credit card or mail a check to FSWCD at 590 University Avenue Suite 2, Fairbanks AK 99709. 


DEC has approved the Pesticide Use Application for treating the Elodea infestations in Chena Slough, Chena Lake, and Totchaket Slough with the aquatic herbicide fluridone.

Click here to view the permit. Supporting documents include the Decision Document and Responsiveness Summary.


Fox Springs

FSWCD has been asked to develop a task force to work at solutions to keep Fox Springs available to the public.  If you are interest in joining the task force please contact Joni Scharfenberg at 907-479-1713 or at  

Read the recent Newsminer article here.


New Agricultural Projects for South Side Of Fairbanks

FSWCD was recently awarded a grant to provide technical assistance for gardening and agriculture in south side Fairbanks, an “urban food desert”. This grant will help FSWCD to offer agricultural workshops, promote local community gardens and markets, and offer technical expertise to gardeners.  Local partners include JP Jones Community Development Center, Calypso Farms, City of Fairbanks, Breadline Inc., No Limits, Cooperative Extension Service, and others.  This project will bring together a diverse group of citizens and organizations to produce food and learn conservation practices. The community will be greener and cleaner, storm water and erosion issues will be addressed, and agricultural assistance will be provided. 





Elodea is the first non-native invasive aquatic plant to become established in Alaskan water bodies. It has been found in waterbodies in Anchorage, Cordova, the Kenai Peninsula, the Matanuska-Susitna area, and the Fairbanks area.  It was first detected in the Chena River system in 2009. Surveys conducted in 2011 and 2012 revealed that the lower 10 miles of Chena Slough which runs through North Pole is heavily infested with Elodea. In addition, Chena Lake, at Chena Lakes Recreation Area was found to be infested with Elodea, and a few isolated patches of Elodea were found in the Chena River. In 2015, Totchaket Slough, a slackwater slough located about 60 miles downriver of Fairbanks, was found to be heavily infested as well. 

In Alaska, Elodea infestations in water bodies can be expected to increase sedimentation, displace native vegetation, reduce biodiversity, degrade sensitive fish habitat, and interfere with safe river travel and floatplane operation. Elodea can be spread readily via boats and floatplanes, and because it reproduces vegetatively, a single fragment is all that is needed to start a new infestation. The Fairbanks Elodea Steering Committee propose to use diver-assisted suction dredging in the Chena River, and aquatic herbicide treatments in Chena Slough, Chena Lake, and Totchaket Slough. For more details please follow the links below. 

  1. Permit Application 
  2. DEC Decision Document 
  3. DEC Responsiveness Summary




1. Prevention and Eradication of Noxious & Invasive Species

2. Conservation of Plant and Soil Resources
3. Sustainable Agricultural Resources & Economy
4. Conservation/Maintenance of Water Resources
5. Conservation of Forest Resources
6. Education, and
7. Promotion of Affordable Energy

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News and Events

Calendar of Events
Now available online! Click here to see the latest meetings and events!

2017 Gardening Classes!

Grow your own vegetables from start to finish!  FREE classes will be held in South Fairbanks.  Click here to find class schedule and descriptions.

FREE Placer Miner Water Quality Monitoring Workshop

Workshop will be held at the Noel Wien Library April 19th, 1-5pm. Click here for more information