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Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District promotes sustainable land development and works with private landowners to address their natural resource concerns.  By partnering with local, state and federal organizations, the FSWCD provides education and technical assistance to private landowners with issues related to soil, agriculture, water, invasive species, forestry, land development, and other related natural resource issues.  Please contact your local legislators to encourage them to support soil & water districts statewide!


Bucks For Bales: 45-65lb hay bales can be entered in this competition! The 3 winning bales will earn cash prizes and be displayed at the Tanana Valley State Fair! Enter a bale by July 23rd- call 479-1213 x107 to set up a drop off time.

Giant Cabbage Contest and Farm & Garden Display: These two competitions at the Tanana Valley State Fair are sponsored by FSWCD. Display your creativity and cabbage growing abilities!

Free Soil Testing for lawns next to the Chena River or its sloughs and tributaries. We will give you recommendations for fertilizer and lime based on the soil analysis. To participate, call 479-1213 x107. 

Elodea control efforts: FSWCD has been working on controlling the aquatic invasive plant Elodea in cooperation with Test the Waters dive shop. Efforts will continue throughout the summer. To find out more, call Aditi at 479-1213 x104.


Interior Alaska Hay Field Renovation study: This project will test the effectiveness of four different treatments to improve soil health and hay production on overly compacted, low production hay fields in Interior Alaska. The treatments include:
 (1) using an overseeder to seed brome, (2) using an overseeder to seed tillage radishes, (3) overseeding tillage radishes in two consecutive summers, (4) broadcast seeding radishes, and (5) control plots. Tillage radishes are valued for their ability to break up compaction, improve nutrient availability, and improve water infiltration rates.Work has begun on this project and will continue for the next three years. A field day will be held on August 23rd at one of our project sites to show farmers and interested individuals the preliminary results of the study and the equipment we used, etc. For more information, contact Jessica or Heather at 479-1213 x107.

A tillage radish

Setting up plots in a hay field


Our Annual Report for fiscal year '11-'12 is now available to be viewed by clicking here. This document summarizes the work we have done for each FSWCD goal, including:

  1. Prevention and Eradication of Noxious & Invasive Species,
  2. Conservation of Plant and Soil Resources,
  3. Sustainable Agricultural Resources & Economy,
  4. Conservation/Maintenance of Water Resources,
  5. Conservation of Forest Resources,
  6. Education, and
  7. Promotion of Affordable Energy

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